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Still waiting to become Anganwadi center in Ulihatu

Even today, a number of Anganwadi centers are waiting to be built in Ulihatu village of Baduri Panchayat of Sadar block. Due to non-construction of Anganwadi center, it is being run in a very small mud room. Here a fair of women and children is held outside the center on vaccination day. According to the information, the Anganwadi center started being built five years ago. It was built up to one level, but after that the work was stopped, which has been stopped till date. Anganwadi center does not have its own building. So walks into the small room.So walks into the small room. Women are not able to go inside due to lack of space. All the women have to stand outside under the tree. If the child has to be vaccinated, then women stand in the sun with the child, because there is no space here. People’s representatives took the initiative to get it built from their level but there was no success in this direction.


(EW Correspondent)




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