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Social worker got the road repaired at private expense

Palamu. These days the condition of Goradih Khas road, adjacent to the block headquarters of the block, has become very dilapidated, now it has become difficult to walk in it. Seeing the condition of the road, Geeta Devi, the head of Sangbar Panchayat, requested social worker Ramdas Sahu to get the road repaired. Social worker Ramdas Sahu accepted the point of Geeta Mukhiya and started repairing the road from Wednesday at his own personal expense.Young social worker Anil Sahu, son of Mr. Sahu, started the work of repairing the road on Wednesday. It is known that the distance of this road is about ten kilometers, which has turned into a pothole at every step.

This road goes to Darudih via Khairat, Toli, Kusahi Dam, Akhauri Didri, Goradih, Goradih Khas, Lohra Bhaya Manatu main road. The local people are very happy with this work.Anil Sahu, son of social worker Ramdas Sahu, assured the local people that whenever they understand my need, they should inform me. I will do everything possible from my level and will be dedicated to the society. On the occasion, National Sanatan Sena’s State Organization Minister Naveen Tiwari, Sangbar Panchayat head Geeta Devi, Naval Kishore Rai, Leslieganj MP Representative Chandan Soni, Arun Dubey, Awadhesh Sahu, Janeshwar Dubey, Famous ji, and many other dignitaries were present. 

(EW Correspondent)



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