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Simaria Dham will be develoed as the most beautiful pilgrimage on the banks of the Ganga: Sanjay Jha

Resources and Information and Public Relations Minister Shri Sanjay Kumar Jha inspectes the site of Simaria Dham.

Alok Nandan

Patna.’As per the wish of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, we are trying to develop Simaria Dham as the most beautiful pilgrimage on the banks of the main stream of river Ganga. For this, the Water Resources Department is rapidly constructing ladder ghat, river front, Dharamshala and other facilities here. The work of the first phase of this scheme will be completed by the end of November 2023, while by June 2024, Simaria Dham will have a grand appearance complete with facilities. With this, Simaria Dham will emerge as a major center of religious tourism. Bihar Government’s Water Resources and Information and Public Relations Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha said these things to the journalists after visiting Simaria Dham on Wednesday.

Before this, he inspected the site of Ghat and Dharamshala under construction by the Water Resources Department.

Sanjay Kumar Jha said that the Water Resources Department has completed the soil filling work of about one lakh square meters in the Simaria Kalpwas Mela area on a war footing. Besides, construction of retaining wall and lighting system has been done all around it. Due to this, the Kalpvas Mela area has become clean, level and completely safe from floods.The devotees who live here by building leaf huts for Kalpavas will no longer face any problem due to the floods of river Ganga. The construction work of Dharamshala is in progress here by the Water Resources Department.

Sheet piling has been done in about 150 meter length and the construction work of ladder ghat in about 100 meter length is in progress. Sanjay Kumar Jha said that Simaria Dham is a major center of faith of Mithila residents. There would hardly be any family in Mithila whose ancestors’ ashes would not have been immersed in Simaria Dham. The plan prepared by the Water Resources Department for the development of facilities in Simaria Dham was launched by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 30 May 2023 on the day of Ganga Dussehra.The plan also includes construction of a staircase ghat of about 550 meters length between the existing Rajendra Bridge and the six-lane road bridge under construction to its south, besides construction of a river front, changing room, place for Ganga Aarti, pavilion for religious rituals, seating for devotees. Arrangements, park, toilet complex, Dharamshala, administrative building, open stage, parking, pathway, watch tower, lighting arrangements etc. have been included. Apart from this, Muktidham located in the south will also be improved with a six-lane bridge.

He said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had given the status of state fair to Simaria Kalpwas Fair in the year 2008. After that, Ardh Kumbh has been organized here in 2011 and Maha Kumbh in 2017. Due to such events, this place gained widespread fame and the need for facilities was felt here. Last year, devotees faced a lot of trouble when flood waters of river Ganga entered the Kalpavas Mela area.Then the Water Resources Department had got immediate work done for flood protection here.
The Honorable Chief Minister himself visited the Kalpavas fair in November 2022 and took feedback from the devotees and saints. Besides, instructions were given to review the concept plan prepared by the Water Resources Department and prepare a detailed plan for the development and beautification of Simaria Dham.

It is noteworthy that Simaria Dham situated on the banks of North Vahini Ganga is the main center of faith of the people of Mithila.The tradition of Kalpavas has been going on here for centuries. Every year, the famous Kalpvas fair held in the month of Kartik attracts devotees not only from Bihar but also from some other states and even Nepal.

During the site inspection of the Water Resources Minister, Begusarai JDU District President Rudal Rai, former District President and Legislative Councilor Bhumipal Rai, Begusarai Municipal Corporation Mayor Pinky Devi and many leaders-workers and district administration officials were present.



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