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SBI manager’s body found hanging on the noose

Garhwa: The body of Chandan Kumar, Chief Branch Manager (Chief Manager) of State Bank of India, Sribanshidhar, was found hanging from a fan on a noose in a rented residence on Saturday. The noose of the gallows was of a dupatta. The police have started further action by taking the body out of the noose. Along with this, the information has been given to the relatives. After getting the information, the relatives have left from Ranchi for Shri Banshidhar Nagar.

Chandan Kumar lived with his wife on rent in the residence of Professor Brahmdev Singh near the railway station. Chandan Kumar was originally from Bhagalpur Bihar. Presently he lives in his flat near Booty More, Ranchi. Saturday was a bank holiday. Chandan’s wife and daughter had gone to Ranchi on Thursday. Chandan also had to go to Ranchi during the Dussehra holiday. SBI vehicle owner-cum-driver Pankaj Kumar Vishwakarma told that around 6:30 pm on Friday evening, he had left the sahib at a rented residence.

On Saturday, at around 2:30 pm, Sahab’s wife called and said that she was not able to talk to him. Go and talk to him, he kept shouting at the door for a long time. Also rang the bell, but no sound came from inside. The main door was locked from inside. As Pankaj, after not getting any sound from inside, with the permission of the landlord, opened the window with the help of railing and went inside and saw that the sahib was hanging on the gallows. Immediately informed about this to the police through the landlord and Ashok Kumar.

As soon as the information about the incident was received, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Pramod Kumar Keshari, Police Inspector Rakesh Kumar, SHO Yogendra Kumar reached the spot and started investigating the matter. In this regard, SDPO Pramod Kumar Keshari and station in-charge Yogendra Kumar said that it is too early to say anything in the matter at the moment. Anything can be said only after the post-mortem report comes.

It is said that Chandan’s wife was calling continuously since night. But no one was answering the phone. Had to talk to the landlord as well. The son of the landlord beat the door of the manager’s room for a long time and also rang the bell, but there was no sound from inside.

(EW Correspondent)



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