NEW DELHI : Delhi’s Minister of Health, Satyendar Jain expressed his gratitude to the American India Foundation (AIF) for stepping up for the cause of fighting this pandemic together. He thanked them for their contribution to the improvement of the covid management in the Capital through a Zoom meeting. Satyendar Jain said that the Delhi Government is thankful to the American India Foundation for its contribution in tackling the 2nd Covid wave. He added that the American India Foundation has donated 500 Oxygen concentrators, 6720 resuscitators (single-use ventilators), and 1200 ventilator monitors to the Capital, despite their heavy shortage.


The meeting objected to the official handover of the relief material by the American India Foundation (AIF) to the Delhi Government. In the meeting, the American India Foundation (AIF) donated 500 oxygen concentrators, 6720 resuscitators (single-use ventilators), and 1200 ventilator monitors to help abate the shortage of medical equipment.


In the meeting, Satyendar Jain presented a vote of thanks to the American Indian Foundation (AIF) for their contributions in tackling the brutal second wave of Covid-19. Satyendar Jain said, “I am thankful to American Indian Foundation (AIF) for helping us during this pandemic by providing medical equipment in such a huge number.”


Jain added, “6720 resuscitators (single-use ventilators) were donated by the American India Foundation. This is in itself a huge number. We have also faced a time when the monitors were unavailable. The donation of 1200 monitors came as a huge relief. It is commendable that despite heavy shortage the American India Foundation had arranged such a huge amount of medical equipment.”


In the end, Jain said, “The Delhi Government is obliged by the efforts of the American Indian Foundation during this pandemic. I hope that the foundation keeps standing for the noble causes and extends its support to other states as well.

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