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Robbery in Dhanbad

Dhanbad , Dacoits raided two flats of Abhaya Apartment located on Hirapur Durga Mandir Road of Dhanbad police station area of ​​Dhanbad district of Jharkhand late on Friday night. The dacoits carried out the incident of dacoity in the house of retired railway station master Virendra Kumar and Ranendra Nath Sen, who lived in the flat next to him. The victim’s relatives informed the police by dialing 100 number and Dhanbad police station in-charge Vinay Kumar and other police officers reached the spot and investigated the matter.

It is being told that there were six to seven dacoits. Around 1.30 pm, Abhaya entered the apartment by jumping the gate in the basement. As soon as he went inside, the guard was sleeping with a post outside. Picked him up and tied his hands and feet. Snatched his mobile and threw away the mobile by separating the seam card and battery. Ranendra Nath, who lived on the first floor, reached near Sen’s flat and broke the latch of the main door of his flat in such a way that he did not even know. During this, his nephew Sagar Sen was also present. Dacoit went straight to Ranendra and put a pistol in his mouth. And picked up his nephew and showed him the pistol too and asked both of them to keep quiet. The hands and feet of both were tied with a thin band of nylon. He also tied the band in the mouth. Took 65 thousand gold and silver jewelry, 700 cash and SBI card, two rings and three watches kept in the house.Ranendra lives in Kolkata and works in a construction company. Two days ago he came to visit his nephew Sagar Sen. Sagar studies MBA in Kolkata.

Next to Ranendra Nath Sen is the flat of retired railway station master Virendra Kumar. Virendra had gone to Madhupur two days ago at the house of one of his relatives. Wife Sunita Devi was sleeping alone in the house. The dacoits also broke the gate of his flat very easily and entered inside. After breaking the door, she felt that her husband had come, so as soon as she lit the light, she saw that 6 to 7 decoits have entered. They were asked to keep quiet and tied their feet with their dupatta and made them sit with their hands tied with nylon bands. The dacoits asked the woman that “your husband has retired just a few days ago. Where have you kept the money? If the son and daughter does a job, then she will also have money.” After this, a cupboard was kept in the same room in which she slept. The almirah was easily broken and the dacoits took jewelery worth more than 40 lakhs kept in it.In the same, 50 thousand rupees kept for worship and other work were also taken.

The dacoits felt that some people keep jewelry hidden even in the fridge. After that, he looked in the freezer several times, but he could not find anything. He ate sweets kept in it and drank water. The dacoits were constantly asking for information about money and money from Sunita Devi, but they said that they had taken everything they had. The dacoits left after completing the whole incident. Both the children of the victim are living in Bangalore and doing jobs, while neighbors told that the daughter was to be married and had taken jewelry for the same. Which the dacoits took.

After carrying out the robbery incident in both the flats, the dacoits also took two bikes and a scooty in the parking lot with them. All three broke the lock of the car and left with the car at around 3.30 pm. The guard told that three people each on both the bikes and one were sitting alone in the scooty. After taking all the three vehicles, the dacoits dropped them near Katpul in Heel Colony. From where the police have recovered all three vehicles.

(EW correspondent)



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