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RIMS will soon have kidney transplant, cheap treatment will be available

RIMS is soon going to become the country’s 12th and Jharkhand’s first government hospital in organ transplantation. With the kidney transplant, a new chapter of the state’s largest government hospital will begin. The hospital administration is busy preparing for it. This information was given by RIMS Director Dr Kameshwar Prasad on Friday. Dr Prasad said that the problem of multi organ failure has increased, organ transplantation is the only option. But, organ donation is not done according to the need.

Due to this hundreds of people lose their lives. After the start of organ transplantation in RIMS, we will take an initiative to promote organ donation and make people aware about it. The RIMS director said that a surgeon is needed to start kidney transplantation. For this the process of appointment of specialist is going on. Counseling is being done in OPD. Now the treatment will also be done by dialysis.

Dr Prasad said that the image of RIMS can be improved only by research. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan of Anatomy said that the MoU has been signed between the Center and the State Government for kidney transplant. Delay due to Corona. The Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, Dr. Rajeev Gupta told that Eye Donation Fortnight is going on. For eye donation and transplant, people can fill the form through the website of RIMS. PRO Dr DK Sinha was also present on the occasion.

The process of appointment of specialist for kidney transplantation started at cheap rates in Cardiology and Neuro Surgery. Patients admitted in Cardiology and Neuro Surgery department of RIMS are getting treatment at affordable rates. After getting the rate contract with the companies, now implants are being made available here at a cheaper rate. Implants are being ordered from the identified agency right now. Soon RIMS will make it available.

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