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RIMS Ranchi: Eclipse again in re-tender of Janaushadhi Kendra, patients will not get relief yet

Ranchi: The issue of tender of Jan Aushadhi Center in RIMS does not seem to be calming down and the patients do not seem to be getting relief. Despite the high court’s rebuke, the tender has not been finalized yet by the management. Some agencies have complained to the management about many mistakes in the tender floated by RIMS. It has been said in the complaint that in the tender which has been floated, efforts are being made to give benefit only to the big drug supplier.

In the tender which has been taken out again, a new column has been given in which it has been asked that how much discount the applicant can give in the medicine of Jan Aushadhi. Whereas in the complaint given by these people it has been said that there is no system to give more discount in Jan Aushadhi medicines, which cannot be given by common shopkeepers or agencies. But if a large wholesale supplier wants to run a drug store, then he can give a discount of up to five percent. In such a situation, a conspiracy like taking out this tender has been done for the supplier itself.

Eight pharmacists and seven computer operators have been deployed in Jan Aushadhi Kendra. Whereas according to the working personnel, a total of 28 people are needed. Director Amit says that until sufficient number of personnel are not available, then there will be problem in running the shop properly. A roster has been made to open the shop in three shifts. For which the number of personnel is less.

After a long wait, 270 types of medicines have been made available at the Jan Aushadhi Kendra of RIMS. Since then the supply of medicine has almost stopped. Vitamins, paracetamol, pain, diabetes and BP medicines are in sufficient quantity in the shop, vitamins and gas have been provided in the injection. But there is a shortage of antibiotics and other injection drugs.

(EW Correspondent)



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