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Revitalizing Sultanpur Junction: Amrit Bharat Station Scheme Unveils Grand Redevelopment Plan

Sultanpur, EW News :

In a bid to enhance passenger experience and modernize infrastructure, Sultanpur Junction Railway Station, nestled under the Lucknow Division of Northern Railways, is set to undergo a spectacular transformation under the ambitious Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. This initiative, a nationwide endeavor by Indian Railways, aims to revamp 1308 stations, adapting and improving amenities to cater to the diverse needs of passengers.

Strategic Budget Allocation and Redevelopment Plan:

With a significant budget allocation of 36.85 crores, Sultanpur Junction’s redevelopment plan encompasses a multifaceted approach. The circulating area will witness a major facelift, featuring a main entry and an additional second entry to mitigate overcrowding. The plan also includes the construction of a new building on the second entry, fostering a harmonious blend of modern architecture with local elements.

Enhanced Facilities for Passenger Comfort:

The redevelopment plan prioritizes passenger comfort with the establishment of a 12-meter Fixed Offshore Platform, slated to transform into a Roof Plaza. Additionally, a Cover-Over Platform will be added to all platforms, augmenting the overall station infrastructure. Improved drainage systems and upgraded platform surfaces aim to enhance hygiene and safety for travelers.

Technology Integration for Seamless Communication:

To streamline passenger communication, the plan incorporates the installation of standard signage boards, display boards, LED display boards, Train Information Display systems, Coach Display Systems, and GPS clocks on all platforms. These additions aim to provide clear and effective information dissemination.

Inclusive and Accessible Amenities:

The redevelopment will focus on inclusivity by incorporating Divyang-Jan-friendly amenities, widening roads in the circulating area for smoother traffic flow, and developing green strips. Elevators and escalators will be installed to ensure accessibility, while existing toilet systems will undergo improvement and receive Divyang-Jan-friendly apparatus.

Commercial Block and Passenger Lounges:

Adding a touch of convenience, a commercial block housing a food plaza, cafeteria, and retail services will be developed. Furthermore, a waiting area and an executive lounge will be created to elevate passenger comfort.

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme’s Nationwide Impact:

The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme signifies a nationwide effort to upgrade 1308 stations, with 508 stations targeted in the initial phase. The Northern Railway, encompassing five divisions, including Sultanpur Junction, has been allocated 71 stations for transformation. The overarching goal of the initiative is to create thriving transportation hubs prioritizing safety, sustainability, efficiency, inclusivity, and accessibility. Environmental sustainability measures will be implemented, ensuring unrestricted travel for all passengers. Sultanpur Junction’s metamorphosis stands as a testament to the railways’ commitment to delivering a world-class travel experience.



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