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Record POL loading from Rasulpur Gogamau

Jhansi Division of North Central Railway is achieving new heights in loading despite Covid-19 pandemic. In the month of June 2021, Jhansi division registered the record loading of fly ash. By now 11 rakes have already been loaded in the month of June which have led to the revenue of Rs.1,92,73,585 /-Previous best performance in fly ash loading during any month was 5 rakes by the Division in December 2020.

Even after achieving highest ever Fly ash loading in any month, several rake loading orders are in pipeline. The Division is also setting records in petroleum loading as well. A record 108 rakes have already been loaded from HPTR Siding (Rasulpur Gogamau) in the month of June so far and Railways has earned  the revenue of Rs. 352009759/-. Previous best performance of any month was 107 rakes, which was achieved in December 2019, October 2020 and November 2020.

All due COVID protocols are strictly being followed at all loading and unloading points,. It is also being followed that the doors of wagons of freight train originating from loading and unloading points of North Central Railway are properly closed.

The commendable efforts made by the Jhansi Division of North Central Railway are getting reflected in these figures. Efforts of administration and rigorous marketing strategy followed by NCR Business Development Units are resulting in attracting more and more incremental loading by freight customers.

Loading of fly ash is a shining example of the untapped potential captured through aggressive marketing. It’s a win win situation both for Railways, Power plants as well as cement loading plants where fly ash are being despatched.

(EW News Desk)



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