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Ranchi Police to Launch Special and Intensive Campaign, Comprehensive Action Against Criminals

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Ranchi EW News: The Superintendent of Police, Ranchi, Mr. Chandan Kumar Sinha, organized a monthly crime conference at the Conference Hall of the Headquarters Block-B. The meeting was attended by all the in-charge officers of the district, OCs, area inspectors, sub-divisional police officers, deputy superintendents of police, and deputy superintendent of police, rural and urban Ranchi.

Apart from crime control, the main focus of the conference was to conduct free, fair, and peaceful Lok Sabha elections-2024.

Key Directions Given in the Meeting:

Each locality of the city will be divided into beats, and responsible officers will be appointed for each beat to ensure effective crime control.
Instructions have been given to initiate the beat system within three days to ensure effective patrolling and crime prevention.
In rural areas, 2-3 panchayats will be combined to appoint a police nodal officer responsible for maintaining contact with local representatives, gathering intelligence, and actively pursuing criminals in the area. Orders were issued to create a database of criminals, conduct raids against fugitives, take effective action against anti-social elements, crack down on illegal trafficking of intoxicants, and present witnesses in court promptly to ensure swift justice.

Enhancing Traffic Management:

To improve traffic management, instructions were given to coordinate with the municipal corporation to remove temporary encroachments on roads and ensure smoother traffic flow.

Rapid Response Based on Public Complaints:

A district control room (C.C.R.) has been established to promptly respond to complaints and information regarding the production and trafficking of illegal and narcotic substances beyond the normal duration of the code of conduct. A special response team has been formed to take effective action.

Monitoring Night Patrols:

Instructions have been given to register night patrol teams and document their activities during patrols. Supervision of these patrols will be carried out by senior officers.

Special Campaign Starting Tomorrow:

A special campaign will be launched from tomorrow to apprehend wanted criminals and absconders.

Crackdown on Encroachments:

To maintain better traffic flow, temporary encroachments on roads will be removed in coordination with the municipal corporation.

Vehicle Inspection Intensified:

A thorough inspection of vehicles will be conducted to prevent the use of stolen vehicles. Vehicle owners are urged to carry necessary documents with them.

Weekly Review of Directives:

Every Sunday, a review of the above directives will be conducted, and action will be taken against negligent and incompetent officers.

In March, 30 criminals have been identified for district-wide crackdown, with proposals to be sent to Ranchi within a week. These measures aim to enhance security, curb crime, and ensure public safety in Ranchi.



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