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Promotion of astro photography will give new identity to PTR: Mukesh Kumar

EW Correspondent/Ranchi

Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) Southern Division Deputy Director Mukesh Kumar and Astro Photography team leader Mukesh Srivastava released the Star Tail and Milky Way photographs captured in this area by holding a joint press conference in Netarhat on Wednesday. After coming to know from the Dark Site Finder website, Palamu Tiger Reserve has the highest number of dark sites in the country and this dark site has great potential for astro photography. The Southern Divisional Management of PTR has started an initiative in this direction. Under this, a survey was conducted in the area from Maromar to Netarhat under the supervision of internationally renowned photographer Mukesh Srivastava from last 6 to 10 August. Mr. Kumar said that on Amavasya, the movement of stars is most clearly visible in the sky, so on August 8, from two days before the new moon to two days after the new moon, the possibility of astro photography was explored in the PTR area. In some places, an attempt was made to take Star Tail and Milky Way photos. However, there was a problem in this due to continuous clouds hovering in the sky but they still managed to take some pictures. Releasing these photographs, Mr. Kumar said that under the supervision of the photography team Mukesh Srivastava, from 7 pm to 2 pm, the places of astro photography in the area were reckoned. During this, places like Maromar, Baresad, Huluk, Choramunda, Pokharipat, Koel View Point and Magnolia Sunset Point were considered ideal for astro photography. Mr. Kumar said that the kind of pictures that have come out are encouraging. Further work will be done in this direction. The photography team included Mukesh Srivastava, Mukesh Kumar and Saikat Chatterjee.


Had heard negative things for PTR

Astro photographer Mukesh Srivastava, working in PTR, has considered the area from Maromar to Netarhat better than Uttarakhand for Star Tail and Milky Way photography. He said that before coming here, a lot of negative things were heard about this area. The way, in which the work was done in the area with the cooperation of the villagers without any hindrance till two o’clock in the night, it seemed that the atmosphere has changed for here. He said that the way PTR management has taken initiative for astro photography is wonderful. With this, the image here will shine on the international star. There is immense potential for world life, landscape as well as fashion photography throughout the region.



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