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Prime Minister Modi’s Leadership Shines in Successful Silkyara Tunnel Rescue Operation : Dhami

Recalling the Diwali morning incident on November 12th, CM Dhami acknowledged the Prime Minister’s immediate involvement.

New Delhi, Theem emerging world News : 

In a press briefing t, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami lauded the successful evacuation of 41 workers from the Silkyara tunnel accident as a monumental achievement. He credited the guidance and support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the triumphant completion of the rescue operation.

The Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the expert rescue agencies dispatched by the Central Government, emphasizing that their swift response played a crucial role in ensuring the workers’ safe return. CM Dhami highlighted the entire nation’s collective prayers for the 41 lives during the 17-day ordeal.

Recalling the Diwali morning incident on November 12th, CM Dhami acknowledged the Prime Minister’s immediate involvement. He revealed that on the same evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally contacted him to gather comprehensive information about the incident. The top priority, according to Dhami, was the safe rescue of all 41 workers trapped in the tunnel, a mission pursued with unwavering dedication under the inspiration of the Prime Minister.

The Chief Minister recounted the Prime Minister’s assurance of abundant resources and expert assistance, ensuring a continuous flow of guidance from the beginning to the successful conclusion of the operation. Modi’s personal communication with the rescued workers, inquiring about their well-being and health, was highlighted by CM Dhami as a testament to the Prime Minister’s commitment.

Furthermore, Dhami shared details of the Prime Minister’s instructions regarding post-evacuation arrangements, including healthcare provisions, safe return to their homes, and support for their families. The directive to arrange transportation for the workers and their families was also emphasized.

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami underscored the significant changes initiated by the Modi government since coming to power, stressing an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of Indian citizens globally. He praised the Prime Minister’s unprecedented gestures of respect towards workers, citing instances such as washing the feet of laborers in Kashi and showering flowers on workers during the inauguration of the new Parliament.

Dhami credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies for not only safeguarding Indian citizens but also extending a helping hand to foreign nationals in times of crisis. He highlighted recent instances, including the safe return of Indians after conflicts in the Middle East, the intervention in the Russia-Ukraine war, and the evacuation during stability challenges in Sudan, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

In conclusion, the Chief Minister expressed gratitude for the faith instilled by the Prime Minister’s leadership, particularly during the global pandemic. The successful evacuation of the Silkyara tunnel workers stands as a testament to this unwavering commitment, showcasing the impact of India’s prestige on the global stage under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s guardianship.



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