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Preparations to bring Electric Buses on the roads of Dhanbad

Dhanbad. Under the City Master Plan, affordable and accessible electronic bus service in the municipal area as well as the entire district is likely to start from 2022. A budget provision of Rs 929 crore has been made for this. The Municipal Corporation signed an agreement with the Delhi’s credible agency on Wednesday to bring it on the ground and route survey of e-buses. Route survey work will start after a week. Right now the agency is going to conduct a survey in Chas. 

Target to launch 45 buses every year

Dhanbad Municipal Corporation Satyendra Kumar said that in the route survey, it will be seen that there is scope for more buses to run on specific route, where big and small buses will run. 45 electric buses will be introduced on the roads every year. 45 electric buses are likely to start operating in 2022. 245 electric-CNG buses will run on different routes of the district. Electric-CNG buses will run from Dhanbad to Maithon, Chirkunda, Topchanchi, Gomo, Sindri, Baghmara, Govindpur, Jharia etc. In the first phase, 50 buses will be operated. Buses will open every ten minutes. Eight years have been drawn up in the City Master Plan. Dhanbad Municipal Corporation will get about Rs 96 crore every year.

More than a dozen terminals and charging stations will be built for the operation of buses. The cost of a bus would be around Rs 25 to 30 lakhs. Small terminals will also be built for bus stops. There will be terminals in Dhanbad city, Jharia, Sindri, Maithon, Chirkunda, Topchanchi, Gomo, Govindpur etc. Apart from this, garage, service center will also be built. Big buses will operate outside the city and small buses inside the city.

(EW correspondent)



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