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Preparation to break the chain of corona infection: There was silence on the roads, the market was completely closed

The state government has extended the health protection week till 6 am on July 1 to break the chain of coronavirus. Also, a complete lockdown has been imposed from 4 pm on Saturday to 6 am on Monday. Its effect is visible in the entire city since Sunday morning. The streets of the capital are completely deserted. Everyone is in their homes except for medical and those traveling by train and plane, including garbage vehicles.

All the shop establishments, including the city’s major vegetable market, meat-fish market, are locked. In MG Road, Ratu Road, Harmu Road, Upper Bazar, Bariatu Road, not a single shop is open except medicine shops and milk booths. The kind of seriousness that people are showing on Sunday, show the same seriousness on other days and if you do not leave the house unnecessarily, then it will be easier to deal with the third wave of Karona.

Here, the police is also taking strict action to stop those who leave the house unnecessarily at the intersections. The vehicle rider is being stopped and questioned at various intersections. They are being allowed to proceed only after giving valid reasons.




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