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Person without hands got corona vaccine in his thigh

Chaibasa; So far, vaccination seems to be the only effective weapon in the war against the corona virus. But there are various rumors about this vaccine, due to which the speed of vaccination is being affected. However, in the meantime, a person named Gulshan Lohar from Jharkhand has set such an example, due to which he is appreciated on social media. Gulshan Lohar does not have both hands, he had a full excuse for not taking the vaccine, but he did not do so, but did the work of giving a message to the society. Gulshan has got the corona vaccine in his thigh.

According to media reports, Gulshan, a resident of Chaibasa, showed courage even after not having both hands and went to the health care center and got the vaccine in the thigh. The good thing is that they did not have any side effects after taking the vaccine. Let us tell you that Gulshan is still learning computer despite not having both hands.

Actually, when Gulshan reached the vaccination center to get the vaccine, everyone was surprised not to see both of his hands, how to give him the vaccine. But Gulshan himself went a step ahead and suggested the way and said that he should be vaccinated on thigh. He has not complained of any kind of problem after taking the vaccine. Everyone is appreciating this effort of Gulshan.

After vaccination, Gulshan is appealing to other people to get vaccinated. Their spirit is being saluted on social media. People are sharing his picture fiercely on social media and saluting his courage. Let us tell you that the current vaccines are being given through muscles only.




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