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PDJ reached home of children orphaned by Corona and distributed two thousand cheques.

Palamu: Palamu Principal District and Sessions Judge Pradeep Kumar Choubey went door to door and handed over a cheque of two thousand rupees to the children who were orphaned in Covid under foster care and sponsorship. They had reached the victim’s house in Nawakhas village of Purvadiha and Patan police stations of Chainpur on Thursday. Seeing Principal District and Sessions Judge Pradeep Kumar Choubey coming to the village for the first time, people aroused faith that he has definitely come to help these children. It should be known that in Corona someone has lost their husband or someone has lost their son. This calamity has untimely snatched away the family of the good. Children who have lost their parents due to corona virus, the work of providing help to the child has been started through Jhalsa. Ashok Kumar, the secretary of Palamu District Legal Services Authority, himself went to the house of such children and after ascertaining their actual situation, sent the report to Jhalsa.

The Principal District and Sessions Judge met the child and gave them courage. He said that you should not consider yourself alone, Jalsa is standing with you in this hour of trouble. He said that on the directions of Hon’ble Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh, Executive Chairman of Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority, such children who have become orphaned due to corona virus are being benefited from the government scheme. He said that for such children, the benefit of the state government scheme is being given by the central government, so that such children do not remain as orphans. The government would make complete arrangements for their education,initiation and food. Sadar Sub-Divisional Officer Rajesh Kumar Sah, Child Welfare Committee member Dhirendra Gupta, Panel Advocate Santosh Kumar Pandey, Assistant Sanjeev Singh, PL Vinay Prasad, Bhagirathi Dubey, Chandradev Singh were also present on the occasion.



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