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Partying on New year’s eve could prove costly

As the Omicron variant drives positivity rates to their highest levels of the pandemic in many parts of India, major cities have scaled down or canceled New Year’s Eve events for a second consecutive year.

India is on Verge of Omicron blasts, So is our Jharkhand. But Jharkhand is on Celebration mood. This could prove very very costly.

Jharkhand has witnessed surge in omicron cases

Only months ago, expanding Covid vaccinations and loosening travel rules had promised a return of raucous New Year gatherings amid hopes that the pandemic might finally be waning. But the emergence of Omicron — the highly transmissible variant that is now dominant in India and fueling record surges in many states including Jharkhand — has prompted state governments to reinstate travel restrictions, mask mandates and bans on large gatherings.

Even as early studies suggest that Omicron produces less severe illness, experts warn that the staggering caseload could still overwhelm health systems.

A number of Dec. 31 events have been canceled in Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hariyana, Chennai and Bangaluru. Jharkhand may follow the soot soon.

Restaurants and bars are allowed to operate only at half capacity.

Restaurants and Bars are allowed to open only with half capacity


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