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Opponents are trying to tarnish our image by conspiring out of growing popularity: Ramdas

Palamu | Ramdas Sahu said that there has not been a scam of even five paise in paddy procurement in the district. He said that he owns a rice mill and it has a contract with the government. According to the contract, 30 percent of FCI’s paddy has to be pulverized and returned to the rice administration. As per the rice mill agreement, paddy has to be procured from FCI. That’s why I have no relation in purchasing paddy from farmers.
He said that if there is talk of selling paddy at the sales center of the other block, then it is FCI that decides and informs the concerned people. When FCI godown remains vacant, FCI concerned farmers are called to sell their produce paddy at the said center. According to the government instructions, we send our paddy to the rice mill for harvesting, where instead of one quintal of paddy, we give 68 kg of rice to FCI. In this work, FCI also pays the freight for carrying paddy and rice. Where did the scam come from in such a situation? This is beyond comprehension. He said that due to my increasing popularity, some people are trying to tarnish our image by conspiracy. Many dignitaries including Kamesh Yadav, Naushad Khan, Bhola Pandey, Jagdish Pandey, Raja Gupta, Rajendra Dubey, Lalan Sahu, Ajay Sahu, and Kamlesh Singh were present on the occasion.

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