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Online Classes: what’s your child is learning ?

Someday ago a video flashed on my whats app, where porn video started playing during an online class on class 8 students. Obviously lady teacher taking class was uncomfortable and so were girl students. Nobody had clue from where that video came and class was called off abruptly.

Arushi (named changed) from Ranchi is a class 5 student. Last Saturday during parents-teacher meet (popularly called PTM) Arushi parents were in shock, when they came to know that she is not attending online classes since last 2 months. She is not even attending calls from her class teacher. But her illiterate mother was damn sure that she is. Behind the locked door between 9 am till 1.30 what Arushi was doing, nobody knew. When asked, her mother was shocked to know that she was doing everything online but attending her classes.

Almost every parents are worried about changing behavour of adolacent during this so called online era.And centre question is , ‘What my child is grasping from online virtual world ?’ Nobody has perfect answer. Another worry is content and quality of study materials available. Searching answers on google sometimes leads you nowhere. Biggest challeges are faced by parents who are not well versed with digital world and who are not so tech savvy. Younger generation knows much about virtual world than their parents and this is the point from where real challenge begins. This is like providing high-speed bike to a 12 year student who knows how to drive but doesn’t know where is limit.



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