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On Karma Puja, the arena reverberated with the beats of drums, nagara and temple

In Jharkhand and adjoining areas Karma festival, the festival of brother-sister love, was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Sisters worshiped by setting up the branches of Karam in more than 10,000 akharas of the block. In many akharas, people danced on the DJ, while in many akharas, people continued to dance by singing songs with dhol, nagara and mandar. Karma Puja was completed with the immersion of Karam’s branch.

The sound of dholak, mandar and nagara resonated with the folk songs. Unmarried and married women continued to dance on the chandelier with the cast of Karam. On September 17, after installing the branch of Karam in the akharas, worshiped till late night. During the worship, brothers and sisters asked each other whose Karam? In response, the sisters said- After saying ‘Apan Karam, Brother’s Dharam’, the sisters worshiped with cucumber, gram, peas and various fruits.

During the worship, brothers and sisters completed their worship by listening to the story of Karam-Dharam. After this the sisters danced and sang throughout the night. On the second day, on 18 September, immersed Karam’s branch in the river and puddle of their respective villages. During the immersion, the women, dancing and singing with Karam reached the river Pokhar, where they all bid farewell to Karam’s branch.

(EW Correspondent)



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