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Northern Railway Reinforces Commitment to Safety on Constitution Day

New Delhi, EW News : In observance of Constitution Day, Shobhan Chaudhuri, General Manager of Northern Railway, led a comprehensive performance review meeting with departmental heads and Divisional Railway Managers (DRMs). The focus of the meeting was on ensuring the safety of tracks and the reliable operation of trains, especially during the approaching Winter/Fog season.

Constitution Day Observance: Prior to delving into the operational aspects, Shobhan Chaudhuri and other officials gathered to undertake a solemn pledge by reading the preamble of the Constitution of India. This symbolic gesture marked the observance of Constitution Day on the 26th of November, 2023.

Safety Takes Center Stage:

During the review, GM Shobhan Chaudhuri emphasized that safety remains the paramount concern for the Railways. He directed all efforts toward maintaining the tracks, rolling stock, signaling systems, and electric overhead wires in optimal condition. The upcoming Winter/Fog season prompted a specific focus on safe train operations under challenging weather conditions.

Cold Weather Patrolling and Preventive Measures:

To tackle the challenges posed by cold weather and potential fog-related disruptions, Chaudhuri instructed officials to increase cold weather patrolling of railway tracks. This includes visual examinations of rail ends, fish bolt holes, and proactive identification of locations prone to rail fractures. The prompt removal of scrap near tracks was also emphasized to minimize risks and ensure safe rail travel.

Electrical Safety and Minimizing Human Errors:

Acknowledging the importance of electrical safety, GM Chaudhuri urged a concentrated effort on tracks and within relay and panel rooms to facilitate error-free train movements. The meeting stressed the need to minimize human failures in train operations, emphasizing the critical role of staff training and counseling.

Punctuality, Freight Loading, and Customer Outreach:

Chaudhuri directed department heads and DRMs to maintain punctuality while prioritizing safety. He emphasized that the initiatives and concessions offered by the Railways should effectively reach customers. Providing an encouraging update, he highlighted the steady increase in the loading of food grains and other items each month, reflecting the Railway’s commitment to efficient freight transport.

As the Northern Railway gears up for the Winter/Fog season, the commitment to safety and adherence to constitutional values remain at the forefront of its operational priorities.




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