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New website released for e-PASS in Baba Mandir of Jharkhand

Deoghar: Due to the closure of Jharkhand Darshan website due to thundering, the system of e-pass system was stopped. Even after four days, the fault of the data center in Ranchi could not be restored. Then the district administration has started an alternative system of e-pass system by issuing a link in the website of Baba Mandir for the convenience of the devotees at the local level. The link was released late Tuesday night.

By clicking on the link of the district administration, devotees will be able to get their e-pass made for entering the Baba temple. With the issued e-pass, Baba will be able to enter the temple and offer prayers / worship. DC Manjunath Bhajantri gave the above information. Launching this link, he said that as per the instructions of the state government, the system of e-pass has been started again for the entry of common devotees of Baba Baidyanath temple. By getting the e-pass through the website, devotees can enter the Baba temple and offer prayers.

He appealed to the people to inform more and more people about the e-pass. The district administration is giving information about this link through various means of publicity, so that no devotee has to face any problem due to lack of information. DC urged the godlike devotees that the entry into the temple would be allowed only after registering the e-pass from the website issued by following the 100 percent Kovid rules. At the same time, you can convey your suggestions related to e-pass to the District Public Relations Office.

(EW Correspondent)



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