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Muslims keep an eye on caste census

Anil Malviya EW news

Lack of leadership among Pasmanda Muslims
Ulemas are responsible for poverty and illiteracy: Modi

Lucknow, The effect of caste census conducted in Bihar is visible in Uttar Pradesh also. Like Dalits and backward classes, Pasmanda Muslims also seem to be in favor of conducting caste census in the state. Especially Pasmanda Muslims. Let us tell you that it includes weavers, weavers, dhuniyans, washermen, barbers, blacksmiths, Ghosi etc. Of these, even today a large number are poor and uneducated.

In this case, General Secretary of Congress Minority Cell, Anish Akhtar Modi, who comes from Ghosi community. We hold the Ulemas of our society responsible for this. He said that the Ulemas never took this matter seriously. They admit that even today there is a lack of leadership among Pasmanda Muslims. They also admit that no movement or awareness campaign has been launched regarding this. Modi says that the caste census conducted in Bihar has given new light to Pasmanda Muslims and he demands caste census in Uttar Pradesh also. They say that this will give us our rights, which various political parties used to usurp till now.

He says that he will raise this matter loudly in Congress. Because Congress is the only party which can give their rights to Pasmanda Muslims. Especially Rahul Gandhi. Modi says that other political parties misused Muslims. When Congress also deviated, Muslims abandoned it. Today the Muslim wants to join Congress. Modi says that Pasmanda Muslims will have to change their thinking. He will have to be more serious about education. Because spiritual and worldly things are different. Today we could neither learn from the poor nor from the worldly.



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