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More than two thousand unemployed laborers can migrate due to the ban on sand lifting in Maheshpur

Pakur | In the middle of the monsoon session, the lifting of sand was banned by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) till October 15, which is almost over now, but even after this, the government did not make any arrangement for formality announcement and settlement of sand piers or mining invoices. Due to this, the crisis of livelihood has arisen in front of 2 thousand labor families of Maheshpur. The reason is that due to the ban on lifting sand, the profession of laborers has been snatched from their hands.

Due to this, the laborers are being forced to migrate in search of employment, and due to the non-lifting of sand, the families of the laborers are going through the phase of the financial crisis, about which the laborers are worried. It may be noted that the NGT had banned the lifting of sand from June 10 to October 15. But despite the expiry of its period, the lifting of sand has been stopped at present due to the non-arranging of mining invoices by the government.

500 tractor owners and drivers can struggle with the financial crisis

About 500 tractor drivers and owners carrying sand, whoever tractor drivers are engaged only in sand work, they will be forced to face financial crisis. Due to the end of the rainy season, no other work can be done with the tractor. Apart from this, people buying tractor owners are finding it difficult to pay the installment of bank loans. According to the information received from the sources, the monthly installment of the tractor taken from the bank lawn of many tractor owners has failed. Due to which their concern has increased further.

 Sand is lifted from these places in Maheshpur

Rolagram, Chandalmara, Garhwadi, Gwalpada Babudaha, Signa, Kanijada Noorai, Jaipurvaruga, Teliapokhar Baskendriya, Baliadangal etc. of local Bansloi river.

Pier was settled by bidding five years ago

  On 15th December 2015, the above 11 sand piers of Maheshpur were settled for 3 years. All the settlements were made through bidding. These piers were closed immediately before the completion of the period for violation of sand pier owner rules. But even after 5 years have passed, the administration of these 11 sand piers has not been done yet. However, the arrangement for the mining invoice was made by Raghuvar Sarkar by handing over the responsibility to the head of the Panchayat and the Panchayat Secretary for lifting the sand from the sand pier but now this system is also closed.

District Mining Officer Pradeep Saha said that the NGT ban has been lifted and Panchayat Raj Officers are instructed to start by providing mining invoices for sand lifting within a week.

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