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Miss Jharkhand model Surbhi walked the catwalk on a pile of garbage

Model Surbhi walked the catwalk on the garbage to draw attention to the problems being faced by the garbage dumping yard in Jhiri, Ranchi. Surbhi says that garbage is being cleaned by setting up processing plants in many garbage dumping yards of the country, but this is not happening in Ranchi. People around are getting sick because of this. Surbhi has been Miss Jharkhand. The purpose behind this photo shoot was to bring this problem in front of the country and the world. During the shoot, Surbhi was dressed in a red dress to send a message that non-processing after dumping the waste would be a danger. However, after the shoot, Surbhi got an infection in her feet and she had to go to the doctor.

Seeing the model Surbhi doing the catwalk on the garbage heap, a crowd of people gathered around. People were surprised to see her. According to the information received, the garbage of Ranchi is thrown in Jhiri. This has created a mountain of garbage in Jhiri. People say that while passing through the ring road of Ranchi, when the slit comes, it becomes bad due to the stench. People close the windows of their vehicles to avoid the stench. Model Surbhi said that she walked the catwalk here and made a video to make this problem common. After making the video it went viral. It is being told that Surbhi’s catwalk on the garbage dump lasted for about half an hour.

According to an estimate, on an average 15,300 tonnes of garbage gets deposited at this dumping yard in Ranchi in a month. In a year it becomes 1.83 lakh tonnes. Over 16 lakh tonnes of garbage has accumulated here in 10 years. It is alleged that Ranchi Municipal Corporation has been talking about building a waste disposal plant for the last 5 years, but it has not been ready yet. People say that due to this waste of Jhiri, the life of the population of about 10 thousand around has become difficult.

It is difficult to sleep without mosquito nets in the vicinity. Mosquitoes are everywhere. This causes many diseases. People passing through here always have to face the stench. It has become difficult for people to stay in their homes.

In this regard, Municipal Commissioner of Ranchi Municipal Corporation Mukesh Kumar told the media that the Municipal Corporation has made a plan to recycle the waste. A waste recycling plant will be set up here. Tender has been done. He said that soon a waste disposal plant would be set up at Jhiri. There are also plans to generate electricity and make other plastic items from this plant.

(EW Correspondent)



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