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Maintain distance from the disease, not from the patient: Arvind Kachhap

Palamu | An awareness camp was organized at ANM School of Sadar Hospital on World AIDS Day. In this, Arvind Kachhap, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, said that a person should maintain distance from the disease, not from the patient. He was speaking on the occasion of World AIDS Day as the chief guest at an awareness camp at ANM School, Sadar Hospital. He said that no person intentionally acquires any disease. We should not hesitate in any way when we have AIDS disease. He said there is a lot of confusion among the people regarding the disease, while the patient can lead a comfortable life with medicines. On this occasion, Civil Surgeon Anil Kumar Singh said that AIDS patients should not be discriminated against in any way because neglect keeps patients prone to mental illness. He said that AIDS patients also need to be counseled. He said that the name and address of the AIDS patient are kept confidential. Feel free to check it out and be careful. He said that there is a need to tell the methods of how AIDS disease can be prevented. On this occasion, ICTC’s Nodal Officer Dr. John of Kennedy said that 40 million people have died due to AIDS so far. AIDS is not a disease but a syndrome. In which T cells do not work. Hence the immunity decreases. He said that AIDS patient has more TV, lose motion. He said that yet no medicine is made for AIDS. AIDS is a pandemic that we are afraid of, but we are not afraid of Covid-19. He said that 40 million people are still battling the disease due to AIDS. He said that inequality is the biggest obstacle. Until we do not remove the sky, the biggest challenge for us is to end AIDS. On the occasion, advocate Santosh Kumar Pandey, Swarnalata, Tanuja also threw light on the cause and prevention of AIDS in detail. DPM Deepak Kumar conducted the program.

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