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Lime Powder, Chuna Benefits,it has the property of curing seventy diseases

Jamshedpur, The lime that you eat in the betel has the power to cure seventy diseases. Jamshedpur’s Ayurveda and Naturopathy expert Seema Pandey says that lime is nectar. Put a piece of lime in a small earthen pot and fill it with water. Lime will melt at the bottom and water will be on the top. The same one spoon of water is to be taken with any food item. You can take it with anything except milk! After the age of 50, any calcium medicine does not dissolve quickly in the body, but lime dissolves and gets digested immediately.

Like if someone has jaundice, then the best medicine is lime. Taking lime equal to wheat grain mixed with sugarcane juice, it cures jaundice very quickly. This lime is the best medicine for impotence. Lime is very good for students. It increases the height. Lime equal to wheat grain should be eaten daily mixed with curd, if there is no curd, then eat it mixed with pulses. If there is no pulse, then mix it in water and drink it. With increasing height, memory power also increases. children whose intelligence is low does. Lime is the best medicine for mentally retarded children. Children who are less than intellect, brain works late, think late that everything is slow for them, all those children will get better by having lime. 

If there is any problem, the best medicine is lime. The best medicine for the mothers who are in our house, who have turned 50 years old and have stopped menstruating, their best medicine is lime.

very useful for pregnant

Lime is very useful for pregnant women. Drink lime equal to wheat grain every day in pulses, in lassi, otherwise, by mixing it in water. When a mother is pregnant, lime should be eaten daily, because the expectant mother needs calcium the most. Lime is the largest reservoir of calcium. The pregnant mother should be fed lime mixed with pomegranate juice.

Mix one cup of pomegranate juice and lime equal to wheat grains and drink it daily. Give it continuously for nine months, then there will be four benefits.

First advantage to the mother at the time of the birth of the child there will be no problem and there will be a normal delivery.

Second advantage: The child who will be born will be very strong and will be healthy.

Third advantage: The child does not fall ill early in life, whose mother has eaten lime during pregnancy.

Fourth advantage: The child will be very smart, intelligent and have a very good IQ.

Knee transplant will not have to be done

Lime cures knee pain. Cures back pain. Cures shoulder pain. With its regular consumption, there will be no need for knee transplant. If the doctor says to change the knee, it is not necessary. Keep eating lime and drink the decoction of Harsingar leaves, the knee will start working very well. Dangerous diseases like spondylitis are also cured by lime. Sometimes the distance increases in the beads that are in our spine. The gap comes up, lime fixes it. All diseases of the spinal cord are cured by lime. If your bone is broken, then lime has the most power to heal the broken bone. Eat lime in the morning on an empty stomach.

If you feel cold, take hot water in your mouth, then eat lime, it is completely fine.

If there are blisters in the mouth, then drink lime water, it gets cured immediately.

If there is blood loss when there is less blood in the body, then lime must be taken. If there is anemia, then this lime is the best medicine for it. Keep drinking lime. In sugarcane juice or orange juice, otherwise it is best in pomegranate juice. Drink lime in pomegranate juice. The blood increases a lot. Blood is formed very quickly. Take one cup of pomegranate juice equal to wheat grains and lime in the morning on an empty stomach.

Stone patients should not eat lime

Take special care of one thing, from child to old age, everyone from woman to man can take lime, but patients with stones cannot take it. Those who have or have ever had stones. You cannot take it even if you have had a stone operation. Use lime only after taking special care of this.

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