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Land businessman shot dead, there was a dispute over 25 decimals of land

The Hinoo area of the capital shook with a flurry of gunfire on Wednesday morning. Land trader Altaf Alam (38) was shot dead near Ilex Cinema Hall. The incident is being linked to a dispute over 25 dismils of land worth about Rs 3 crore. At around 11 in the morning, Altaf was eating idli with his friend in an SUV. After eating, asked to give money to the friend and to the plate vendor.As soon as the friend got off the car, four people wearing helmets arrived.
One fired from the front. After being fired, Altaf rolled to the left, when indiscriminate firing started from the driving seat side. Altaf received seven abuses and was defeated on the spot. Then the criminals fled on scooty and bike.The family has accused councilor husband Rizwan and Ali Khan of getting murdered. Actually, there was a dispute about this land on July 1. Both the parties had complained to the police station. But the police did not take any action. People say that if the police had acted at that time, then this incident could have been avoided.Land seller Lal Praveer Nath Shahdev said – I had made a sale agreement last year to sell the land with councilor husband Rizwan. The land was not sold to Altaf. Senu Qureshi was forcibly occupying that land. To put a check on this, I had applied to the Deranda police station in May, but the police did not take any action. I had sold the land to Altaf long back at another place.But he did not give money. When he asked for money, he was threatened. Made a written complaint to the Deranda police, but the police started threatening me with the consequences.Altaf wrote in the complaint given in Deranda police station – Five months ago, a land account number 280, plot number 506 was purchased in Gas Nagar. There he was doing boundary work. On July 1, Rizwan and Ali arrived with 10 boys and threatened to stop the work. Beaten up my colleagues Sanu Qureshi, Taslim Khan and Ravi Kumar. Where work has to be done, pay two lakh extortion, otherwise you will be killed.

Ali also fired with a pistol. Its voice was also heard by the people around. These people had threatened many times in the past as well.

On July 1, Rizwan also complained to Deranda police station. It was written – Sale agreement has been made with Lal Praveer Nath Shahdev in Gas Nagar for account number 280, plot number 506. Altaf and Senu Qureshi and Mainu Qureshi of Beldar locality are trying to forcibly grab that land.He is also doing log boundaries. When he got a boundary, Raka Ta Sanu-Menu attacked him with a rod. When I fell on the ground, one of them asked Altaf to abuse Rizwan. Then everyone fought together.





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