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Kejriwal lauds Delhi budget, says Delhi is ready for vision 2047 with the budget

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on lauded the Delhi budget, presented by Finance Minister Manish Sisodia for the FY 2021-22, and said that despite tough times, the 6% increase in this year’s budget is commendable. He said that the budget covers all aspects of society, from women to the elderly, students, youth, all religions, and all castes. The Chief Minister further said that, when 100 years of independence will be completed,what should India be like in 2047, this budget has today laid the foundation for it. “Ever since our government has taken over, we have only got surplus budgets.
Even the CAG has stated that Delhi does not make losses; this year’s budget is also a surplus budget,” he added. He said that 55% of funds have been assigned towards our subsidy schemes, programs, and development which displays efficient financial management on part of the Delhi government. He also added that it is important to recognize the aspirations of people in a free India of 100 years, for which the foundation has been laid down today. He said that the aim for 2047 is to have the per capita income of Delhi equal to that of Sin-



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