The court has expressed disappointment over the progress of the CBI investigation into the death of Dhanbad judge Uttam Anand. The High Court said that the three suspects in the case are yet to be interrogated even though they are clearly visible in the CCTV footage. Chief Justice Dr Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad directed the CBI to submit a detailed report next week.

The High Court said that the CBI should investigate by linking all the episodes of the incident. During the hearing, the High Court said that the report shows that the auto driver has deliberately hit the judge. This did not happen suddenly because of intoxication. The court asked whether the CBI had questioned the bike rider who saw the judge at the time of the incident and left. 

The investigating officer of the CBI said that they have questioned the man. He told that he has high BP and seeing blood makes him nervous. After that he was released. To this the court asked whether the CBI had examined the documents regarding his medical history.

During this, the investigating officer said that information is being taken about three other suspects. CBI is professionally connecting every link of the investigation, so that the conspiracy in this case can be exposed. The court said that the three suspects are yet to be identified after so many days, it is a bit disappointing that you also have the CCTV footage.

The court said that it appears to the court that when the judge was hit by an auto, the bike rider sees the judge stopping and leaves as if he wanted to ensure the death of the judge in the incident. The court has directed to conduct a thorough investigation. The court said it is necessary, as he works in the colliery.

The court expressed displeasure over the very little information being given in the report. The court said that the investigation report of the CBI is presented to them in a sealed cover. It is sealed again and kept with the Registrar General. It cannot be read by anyone, as it is not in the public domain and does not remain in the court records.

(EW correspondent)