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Jiya Shankar finds inspiration from her on-screen character Susheela


 Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons has continued to keep its viewers engaged with its inspirational storyline. Jiya Shankar, who essays the role of Susheela in this Sony SAB show, is winning hearts with her fit and fab character that has continued to rule over the audience’s hearts.   

In a candid conversation, Jiya Shankar revealed that she is a person who is very conscious about her fitness and makes sure to follow her diet religiously.

Jiya Shankar talking about her fitness routine, said, “I am the person who always believes in staying fit and healthy and my fascination for fitness increased tremendously with my character’s love for fitness too. Susheela likes to keep it fit and fab always and I draw a lot of inspiration from her in my real life too. It is extremely important to take necessary steps to stay fit, and the need for the same is more than essential during the current times. I believe half of our fitness battle is won if we manage to get the basics right, that is if we drink sufficient water and get a good night’s sleep. To keep yourself hydrated, fresh drinks, water or as many as liquids possible.

I am a firm believer of being fit and healthy, and that is why I prefer cooking my own food which I really enjoy. Chicken when cooked is one of the healthiest foods I eat and cook for myself on a daily basis.  I feel working out regularly is of utmost importance and Yoga is one of the best form of exercises that not only makes us physically fit but has various positive impacts on the body.

Further, she adds, “I would like to request all my fans to stay healthy and include at least one fitness regime in their daily schedules. Eating right is one of the best things you can give yourself. Besides this indulging in some easy-going exercises from home and meditation can lead to a positive impact in our lives too.”






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