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Jharkhand Government to Construct 15,000 Kilometers of Roads:  Champai Soren

Ranchi EW News : Chief Minister Champai Soren has announced plans to construct 15,000 kilometers of roads in the state. He stated that by the year 2027, the government aims to provide solid three-room houses under the Abua Housing Scheme to 2 million homeless families in the state. The state government has already begun providing benefits under the Abua Housing Scheme to eligible individuals, with over 9 lakh eligible families set to receive benefits in the next three months.

Today, at a ceremony held in Morahabadi Maidan, Ranchi, Lohardaga, and Gumla districts, approval letters for the Abua Housing Scheme were distributed to more than 24,000 beneficiary families, along with the first installment of funds through direct debit.

Chief Minister Champai Soren emphasized the government’s commitment to improving the socio-economic and educational conditions of all communities in Jharkhand, including tribal, indigenous, Dalit, backward, and minority communities. He inaugurated the Chief Minister Gram Gadi Yojana to facilitate transportation from rural areas to district headquarters, aiming to enhance connectivity and accessibility.

Under this scheme, 83 vehicles have been flagged off initially, with more than 250 vehicles scheduled to operate soon. These vehicles will provide free transportation to students, activists, persons with disabilities, elderly individuals, and widowed mothers.

Chief Minister Soren highlighted the previous government’s initiatives and reiterated his government’s dedication to addressing the grievances and needs of all sections of society. He emphasized the importance of utilizing Jharkhand’s mineral resources for the welfare of its people, ensuring that the benefits reach the state’s residents, particularly the poor, laborers, and farmers.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister announced the government’s decision to provide up to 125 units of free electricity to the people of Jharkhand, building upon the previous administration’s policy of providing 100 units of free electricity.

Regarding infrastructure development, Chief Minister Soren stated that the construction of 15,000 kilometers of roads across various regions of Jharkhand is progressing well. The government aims to connect rural areas to district headquarters, improving road connectivity and facilitating better access to urban areas.

The event was attended by various dignitaries, including ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, senior government officials, and a large number of beneficiaries from all three districts.

Sanjay Kumar Pandey



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