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Indian Railways Achieves Goal of Loading 1015.6 MT Freight by November 2023

New Delhi, EW News: The Indian Railways has met its target of loading 1015.6 million metric tonnes (MT) of freight by November 2023. This announcement was made by the Ministry of Railways through a press release issued on December 1, 2023.

Comparing the figures to the corresponding period of the previous year, there has been a notable increase of 36.9 MT in freight loading during the same duration. The Railways reported earnings of ₹110007.5 crores from freight loading during the April-November 2023 period, indicating a substantial growth compared to the previous year.

The supplementary data also reveals an impressive improvement in freight loading during November 2023. The Railways loaded 128.4 MT of freight during the month, showcasing a 4.3% increase compared to the same period last year.

On an accumulated basis, Indian Railways achieved a freight loading of 1015.669 MT during April-November 2023, reflecting a remarkable improvement of approximately 36.945 MT compared to the same period in the previous year. The earnings for the corresponding duration reached ₹110007.5 crores, depicting a significant growth of ₹4102.445 crores compared to the previous year.

Breaking down the freight composition for November 2023, Indian Railways transported 65.48 MT of coal, 14.99 MT of iron ore, 5.25 MT of raw materials for iron and steel, 5.58 MT of cement (excluding clinker), 4.61 MT of clinker, 3.82 MT of foodgrains, 5.97 MT of fertilizers, 4.176 MT of mineral oil, 6.91 MT of containers, and 8.59 MT of other commodities.

The achievement comes in line with Indian Railways’ commitment to efficient and competitive services, focusing on customer-centric approaches and swift policy implementations to facilitate ease of doing business. The continuous efforts of the railway units in business development, supported by customer-centric perspectives and rapid policy-making, have played a crucial role in this significant accomplishment. The “Customer is the King” mantra has guided the Railways in improving services at competitive rates, resulting in this noteworthy milestone.

This accomplishment underlines Indian Railways’ commitment to contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth and enhancing its pivotal role in the transportation sector. The Railways’ continuous efforts towards innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction have contributed to achieving this milestone in freight loading.



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