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India Takes a Strong Stand Against Cross-Border Terrorism: S Jaishankar Calls for a Robust Response

Manoj Kumar Pathak

India can’t tolerate double standard stand on terrorism any more. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar declared on Saturday that India would no longer adopt a passive stance in the face of cross-border terrorism. Addressing the media, he emphasized that terrorism had plagued the nation since its inception, with the roots of this menace tracing back to the very moment of India’s independence.

Jaishankar pointed to the historical context, citing the incursions from across the border, particularly from Pakistan, as the initial instances of terrorism on Indian soil. His remarks underscored the enduring challenge that the country has grappled with, asserting that absolute clarity is essential in confronting this pervasive threat.

The minister highlighted a crucial turning point in India’s approach to terrorism, citing the infamous Mumbai attacks of 26/11 as a watershed moment. He noted that the graphic and impactful nature of the incident served to dispel any lingering confusion among the populace, bringing into sharp focus the urgent need for a robust response.

Gone are the days of turning the other cheek, as Jaishankar dismissed the notion of a passive, restrained strategy. He asserted that countering cross-border terrorism requires a proactive stance, one that involves extracting and imposing a cost on those who engage in such activities. This approach, he argued, aligns with the prevailing mood of the nation and, more importantly, makes strategic sense.

The minister articulated a strong position on the rules of engagement, emphasizing that terrorism must be categorically outside the boundaries of legitimate competition. In Jaishankar’s view, there are rules to the game, and any violation of these rules, particularly in the form of cross-border terrorism, demands a swift and decisive response.

In light of these statements, it is evident that India, under the leadership of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, is gearing up to confront the challenges posed by cross-border terrorism head-on. The call for a proactive and assertive response reflects a commitment to safeguarding the nation’s security and interests, sending a clear message that India will not tolerate any transgressions on its sovereignty. As the country navigates this complex geopolitical landscape, Jaishankar’s words underscore the need for a resilient and unwavering stance against the menace of terrorism.



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