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If the salary of para teachers will increas, then the burden of more than 50 crores will increase on the Jharkhand government

The Education Department has submitted a proposal to the Minister Jagarnath Mahto to confirm the pay scale and service conditions of the para teachers of Jharkhand. The Education Minister is studying the proposal. After the study, he will give a draft of the proposal to the organization of para teachers this week. Para teachers will look at the proposal thoroughly, so that it can be known whether the same arrangement has been made in it like the employed teachers of Bihar.

Whatever may have been left out on the lines of Bihar, the para teachers will attract the attention of the Education Minister and the department. The organizations of para teachers will hand over the shortcomings of the proposal in writing to the Education Minister. After that those suggestions of the Education Department para teachers will be finally added to the proposal. After final consent is given by the Education Minister and para teachers, the proposal will be sent for approval of Finance and Law Department.

As per the draft, 65 thousand para teachers of the state will get pay scale of 5200 to 20200, grade pay of 2000-2400 and dearness allowance like state employees. This amount will be given as per the provisions of the seventh pay scale. With this, the amount being received by para teachers every month will increase by up to 9000. This is likely to increase the burden of Rs 52 crore on the state government every month.This burden will be Rs 624 crore annually. At present, Rs 79 crore is spent every month on the honorarium of para teachers. At the same time, in the beginning, when only TET pass para teachers will get the benefit of pay scale, then about 10 crores extra will be spent on them. At present, para teachers of TET pass 1st to 5th get Rs 14000 and para teachers of 6th to 8th get Rs 15000.

(EW Correspondent)



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