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Hospitals did not provide cashless facility to 9 thousand corona patients

After the first wave of Corona, a large number of people took health insurance policies. In Ranchi itself, about one lakh people bought policies from 30 companies from March 20 to May 21. In April-May this year, when Corona was at its peak, private hospitals did not accept the cashless insurance policy and did not give beds to patients without depositing cash. Till the full cash payment was not made, the patient could not go home after recovery.Later claimed in the insurance companies, but the applications were rejected after removing the flaws. Those who got paid also got close to 50% of the money. In Ranchi alone, 17 thousand insured people were admitted to hospitals. Of these, cashless treatment of about 9 thousand was not done. He later claimed, but more than 80% of the claims were rejected. According to insurance experts, due to non-fixed guidelines for treatment of corona, the process of taking claims from insurance companies became complicated.The hospitals did not want to fall into this affair, so they preferred cash treatment.


After the first wave of corona infection, thousands of people in Jharkhand took health insurance for cashless treatment, but got infected in the second wave only after giving cash in private hospitals. The claim payment was also close to 50 per cent in most of the cases.





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