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Guidelines for Voter Awareness Campaign

Ranchi EW News: A meeting was organized by Deputy Development Commissioner, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav, in his office chamber at the Development Building to organize systematic voter education and electoral participation (SVEEP). Mr. Vivek Suman, Deputy Election Officer, Ranchi, and all officials associated with SVEEP were present at the meeting.

Deputy Development Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Yadav instructed all officials associated with SVEEP to conduct campaigns to promote voter education, voter awareness, and voter literacy before the Lok Sabha elections. The aim is to increase awareness among people so that they actively participate in voting. This will significantly increase voter turnout. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav instructed all relevant officials to run voter awareness campaigns according to the directions of the Election Commission of India to strengthen democracy in the country. This includes running election schools in schools, colleges, educational institutions, gram panchayats, villages, and educating young voters to increase voter turnout.

Deputy Development Commissioner emphasized the need for extensive awareness campaigns to ensure that all eligible voters cast their votes. He suggested using social media and icons to convey messages to voters and continuing awareness campaigns throughout the election period through various means such as posters, banners, street plays, and human chains.

Deputy Development Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Yadav stressed the importance of increasing voter turnout and instructed to develop booth-wise plans and create unique polling stations according to themes.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav instructed all officials associated with SVEEP to create an action plan, prepare an activity calendar, and implement voter awareness programs promptly to promote voter awareness using innovative and trendy methods.



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