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Four arrested for conversion attempt in Yadgir

Yadgir (Karnataka), The Yadgir police have arrested four persons for allegedly trying to convert some Dalits to Christianity.

They were arrested by the police on Monday evening and remanded in judicial custody, Yadgir SP Vedamurthy said.

The accused have been identified as Jemsa, Shantaraj, Neelamma and Mallamma.

The video of the incident went viral on social media wherein Jemsa is seen arguing with youths, who were opposing the conversions of the Dalits to Christianity in Neelahalli village.

The accused was also seen arguing that he had a government order for mass conversion.

Jemsa was seen arguing with the youths saying that the Dalits of the village were not converted (matantara), but transformed (roopantara).

Enraged with his arguments, the youths are seen questioning Jemsa why he was trying to convert the Dalits when there was no church in the village.

In retaliation, Jemsa is seen saying that he will make efforts for conversion of all the villagers and make them blessed people.

They also demanded Jemsa to show the government order for mass conversions, but he refused and threatened them of dire consequences and dared them to lodge a complaint against him.

The youths then approached the Saidapur police station and lodged a complaint against the four accused on Sunday.

They staged a demonstration in front of the police station on Monday after they were tipped off that the arrested people were planning to lodge a counter-complaint.

The Christian community gathered at the police station and staged a protest and demanded release of the arrested people.

In a heated exchange with the police officials, the protestors said that the arrested had not done any conversion in the village. 

(EW correspondent)



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