For a first time in five years Monsoon has arrived in the state on time. Normally it takes twelve days for the Monsoon to reach Jharkhand from Kerala but this time around it has reached in just 9 days.

Monsoon made its entry in the state via Sahebganj and has covered all the six districts of the Santhal Pargana region and since the conditions are favourable almost all the 24 districts will be covered by it.

The weather department has predicted good rainfall over the next five days across the state and at one or two places heavy rainfall has been also predicted. The track of the Monsoon is similar to what was reported in the previous year. The Weather Station said initially in pre-monsoon less rainfall was reported but it good covered up in the last due to which this year a good rainfall is expected.

Jharkhand on average receives 1054.7 mm of rainfall in the Monsoon season. Rainfall more than 19 per cent of the average annual rainfall or less than 19 per cent of the average annual rainfall is kept in normal category which means if during the season the state receives rainfall between 854.30 mm to 1255 mm it will be considered normal.

For the period between June 1 to 12, the state has reported 34 per cent more rainfall at 61.5 mm as compared to 45.9 mm generally which takes place during this period. The cyclone Yaas also resulted in heavy rainfall in the state. In May 219.7 mm of rainfall took place in the state which helped to fill the dams and reservoirs.

In the last 24 hours, Hazaribagh has received a maximum rainfall at 65 mm followed by Maithon in Dhanbad at 57.2 mm, Balumath at 51 mm and Ranchi has received 50.4 mm of rainfall.