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Extraction plants are proving to be a boon for farmers!

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Palamu | Palamu has always been a region with less rainfall. In such a situation, different from traditional crops like rain-fed paddy, wheat, the farmers of Palamu are moving towards alternative and potential farming. The trend towards alternative farming has increased among the farmers of the division. The farmers of the district are engaged in the cultivation of medicinal crops like Tulsi. The farmers of Dangwar, Dumarhatha under the Hussainabad block have shown the cultivation of Tulsi. Twenty farmers here have started cultivating basil on their land of more than 10 acres, and now even their crop is ready. The cultivation of Tulsi, which is full of medicinal properties, will make the farmers strong from a commercial point of view and will open the door to much prosperity. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the farmers after seeing the good cultivation of Tulsi for the very first time itself. Seeing the quality of the crop, farmers have started finding it worthwhile to take steps in this direction. At the same time, they are considering the soil and climate here as suitable for its cultivation.
Farmers’ desire to do something different and new has also boosted his spirits. Not only has this, but its discussion among the nearby farmers also remained special. Farmer Priyaranjan Singh informed that 10 kg seed was bought from Central Institute of Medicinal Aromatics, Lucknow at Rs 3,000 per kg by Bir Kunwar Singh Krishak Sewa Sahakari Samiti Ltd. Dumarhatha, and cultivation of black basil was started. After bringing the seeds, its nursery was prepared and after about a month it was plowed in the fields. He told that the variety SIM of Tulsi planted here is Soumaya. In which there are fragrances like clove, cardamom, betel, etc.

Farmers have told that after cultivating basil once, they take two cuttings of it. The month of July-August is considered favorable for its cultivation, and also it is printed at the same time. After this, the first harvesting is done in November, and the field is irrigated. According to farmers, 25 to 30 liters of oil come out of basil produced on 1 acre of land. On the other hand, 15 to 20 liters of oil come out when the second cutting is taken. Its oil is expensive, which can cost you 1,200-2,000 per liter. Farmers do not even have to go to the market for its sale. The traders themselves lift it from the farmers’ house. Farmers are also taking out Tulsi seeds so that their seeds can be easily available to other farmers of Palamu.

The local district administration has also taken steps for the farmers of the Palamu division to become self-reliant, double their income. The district administration is working continuously for the expansion of the cultivation of medicinal plants like Tulsi, Peppermint, etc. in Palamu. Oil of Tulsi, Peppermint, etc. produced in Palamu can be extracted here. Farmers did not have to go to other states. For this, the Palamu district administration has set up an oil extraction plant under the Special Central Assistance Scheme at Nadian in Dangwar Panchayat of Hussainabad block. The responsibility of operation is given to Veer Kunwar Singh Krishak Sewa Sahakari Samiti Limited, which is headed by Priya Ranjan Singh. It should be noted that due to the non-installation of the extraction plant, the products produced by the farmers are taken to Bihar for oil extraction.
Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan said on Sunday that for the first time the cultivation of medicinal plant Tulsi has been started by the farmers of Hussainabad. The district administration will promote such alternative farming to remove farmer problems and meet their needs.

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