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Elephants killed more than 254 people in 5 years, Forest Department constituted Quick Response Team

In Jharkhand, elephants have killed more than 254 people in the last five years. Elephant attacks have increased in recent years. People are more troubled by the ravages of wild elephants in Kolhan and the surrounding area.

Elephants created a ruckus in most of the districts. Many houses have been destroyed and crops have also been damaged. In Kolhan, dozens of villages of Seraikela-Kharsawan, Ichagarh, Kukdu and Ranchi districts of Angadi, Bundu, Tamar, Sonahatu, Silli, Angada are affected by the elephants.

Singhbhum was famous for its natural habitat of wild elephants, but in the last three decades, the natural habitat of elephants has suffered a lot. The main reason for this is the increase in mining. Expansion of road and railway line and settlement of population in elephant corridor is also a big reason. This affects the movement of elephants. This is the reason that when wild elephants come out in a herd, there is a conflict with humans.

PK Verma, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of the Forest Department, says that the Forest Department has constituted a Quick Response Team to prevent elephant-human conflict. This team makes people aware and tries to send the elephants back to the forest in a scientific and traditional way. Information about the movements of the elephant herd is given to the people through mobile and radio messages.

Compensation is given to the victims of elephant attacks. Under this, there is a provision to give four lakh rupees in case of death, 15 thousand to one lakh rupees in case of injury. Two lakh rupees are given for permanent disability in the attack, 20 to 40 thousand rupees per hectare for crop loss.

Year         Death     Injured

2016-17        59     139

2017-18        78     155

2018-19        25       43

2019-20        60       55

2020-21        32       58



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