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Co-operative petrol pumps refuse to fill petrol to cars of MLAs

Puducherry, Co-operative petrol pumps here on Saturday refused to fill petrol to the cars of legislators following huge arrears to clear from the government side.

It may be noted that the legislators fill petrol for their cars on credit from the co-operative petrol pumps.

Confed and Amudhasurabhi petrol pumps are supplying petrol/diesel to the legislators and officials.

Due to huge arrears from the government side, the Amudhasurabhi petrol pump at Ariyur and the Confed petrol pump at Kadirkamam were already closed.

The government owe a sum of Rs.2.50 crore to the cooperative petrol pump at Saram.

Because of the huge arrears, petrol and diesel is not being filled to the cars of legislators for the last three days.

(EW Correspondent)



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