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Chief Minister Champai Soren Accuses Plot to Entrap Hemant Soren

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Ranchi: In a recent development, the Jharkhand government, led by Chief Minister Champai Soren, secured a vote of confidence in the assembly on February 5th. The government received a total of 47 votes in favor, while the opposition garnered 29 votes. The Gomia assembly seat remains vacant due to the resignation of JMM legislator Sarfaraz Ahmad, and both JMM’s Ramdas Soren and BJP’s Indrajeet Mahato were unable to attend the assembly session due to health issues. During a special session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, Chief Minister Champai Soren claimed that there is a conspiracy to trap Hemant Soren. He praised Hemant Soren’s efforts for the welfare of the poor, highlighting his work in lighting lamps in homes that never experienced it before. Champai Soren asserted that extinguishing such efforts is beyond the opposition’s control. Speaking in favor of the vote of confidence, Chief Minister Champai Soren expressed confidence in Hemant Soren’s determination, stating, “Where there’s Hemant, there’s courage.” He accused the opposition of consistently attempting to destabilize the government since Hemant Soren assumed office in 2019. CM Champai Soren emphasized that the land-related accusations leading to Hemant Soren’s arrest had no connection to his name. He asserted that whenever Dalits and Adivasis progressed in the region, it became a historical event, and efforts were being made to suppress them. He dismissed all allegations against Hemant Soren as baseless and criticized the misuse of central agencies in the matter.

Amidst Controversy, Promises Responses in Due Time: Hemant Soren

During the floor test, former Chief Minister Hemant Soren declared his commitment to withhold tears, reserving them for the right moment. He addressed the treatment he received during his arrest, stating that the entire Jharkhand populace witnessed it. Soren accused the BJP of harassing Dalits, Adivasis, and innocent individuals, alleging unjust actions against the innocent.

He asserted that if land under his name becomes a political issue, he would willingly retire from politics. Soren promised to respond to conspiracies at the appropriate time. He highlighted the challenges faced by Adivasis, ranging from discomfort in five-star hotels to trouble when traveling in BMW cars. The leader expressed concern that the authorities prefer Adivasis to remain in the jungles, resisting their advancement to significant positions like judges or officers.

Soren emphasized the importance of learning legal procedures from within the system, suggesting that those within the community should understand how to function legally. He stated that he won’t shed tears for the tears of Dalits and Adivasis, as they seem to hold no value for others. Soren assured the public that he would answer each question and conspiracy in a methodical manner when the time is right.

He criticized certain individuals in the state who, in his view, serve with a feudal mindset, attributing the current state of Jharkhand to their actions. Soren also pointed out that some opposition allies are working against their interests, without specifying names. Finally, he claimed that corruption has been evident since 2019, and those responsible were not visible before that time. He argued that certain groups don’t want individuals from tribal and Dalit communities to rise to positions such as judges, IAS, and IPS officers.



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