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Chaibasa Initiates Sky Balloon Campaign to Boost Voter Awarenes

Chaibasa, EW Correspondent: In a bid to enhance voter awareness and participation, the 52 Chaibasa Assembly Constituency authorities have initiated a unique campaign by launching a Sky Balloon at the Clock Tower premises in the city. The initiative, led jointly by the District Election Officer cum Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Choudhary and Deputy Development Commissioner Sandeep Kumar Meena aims to engage citizens in the upcoming democratic process through awarenes measures.

The Sky Balloon, a prominent symbol soaring high above the cityscape, serves as a visual reminder to residents about the impending voting day scheduled for May 13th. Officials present during the launch emphasized the importance of active participation in the democratic festival, urging everyone to exercise their voting rights.

In a show of solidarity and commitment to the electoral process, attendees, including officials and representatives from various associations, participated in a voter oath ceremony. Animesh Ranjan, Sub-Divisional Officer cum sveep nodle officer, Shruti Rajlakshmi, Assistant Collector, and Isha Khandelwal, Incharge Sweep nodle Officer, were among the dignitaries present at the event.

Notable participants included representatives from the Chaibasa Bar Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Chaibasa, as well as members from West Singhbhum. The oath-taking ceremony concluded with pledges to encourage family members and neighbors to actively participate in the voting process.

As the election day draws nearer, the Sky Balloon initiative stands as a beacon of civic responsibility, inspiring residents to play an active role in shaping the future of Chaibasa through their votes.



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