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British MP Preet Kaur Gill links golden temple incident with Hindu Terrorism

After Backlash on Social media She deleted her tweet

British Parliamentarian Preet Kaur Gill draws flake on social media after She linked Golden Temple incident with Hindu Terrorism. She wrote “Hindu Terrorist was stopped from scarialage by violent mob in Sikhism Most Holy place”.

Later She deleted her tweet after user criticised her for communalising the incident. Some users targeted her for shallow knowledge about Hinduism and India.

Who is Preet Kaur Gill ?

Ms Gill, MP for Edgbaston, is a member of Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet, in the role of Shadow International Development Secretary. It means she is set to be a Cabinet Minister if Labour forms a government. She is also the first Sikh woman to become an MP.

First Woman Sikh MP

Her father Daljit Singh Shergill was Truck Driver

she often tells about her father, who came to Birmingham from Punjab, India, and worked as a bus driver before becoming president of a Black Country Gurdwara.

Ms Gill said: “Growing up, my inspiration to get into politics was my father, the late Daljit Singh Shergill. My dad came to Birmingham in the 1950s, where he worked in the Foundry and as a bus driver before becoming the President of the first Gurdwara in Smethwick.
“Growing up in recession-hit Birmingham in the 1980s, I realised the power of community.

My Father is my inspiration

“I saw how my father unionised the ethnic minority workers at his factory, to stop them having their pay packets stolen by other workers.

“I watched him set up the first domestic abuse service of its kind, and establish the first food bank in Smethwick. Our home became a one-stop shop for anyone who needed support.



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