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Breaking Barriers: Haryana’s Garima Inspires Thousands Through “Sakshar Pathshala”


Despite visual impairment, Garima, a young girl from Mahendragarh, Haryana, is illuminating the path of education for other children. Her initiative, “Sakshar Pathshala,” has connected over a thousand children with the light of education, earning her recognition and praise from none other than the President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu. Garima has been honored with the Prime Minister’s National Children’s Award 2024 in the Social Service category, acknowledging her exceptional contribution to the realm of education.

Education: A Fundamental Right for Every Child

In a visionary move, Garima, a girl with extraordinary determination from Mahendragarh, has successfully integrated over a thousand children into the realm of education through her initiative, “Sakshar Pathshala.” Garima’s achievement holds particular significance because, despite being visually impaired, she continues to spread the light of education in the lives of other children. Recognizing her unique efforts, President Draupadi Murmu has honored her with the Prime Minister’s National Children’s Award 2024 in the Social Service category. Out of 19 children selected nationwide for this honor, Garima stands as the sole representative from Haryana, making her participation in the Republic Day parade on January 26th a remarkable moment for the Nation.

“Children Must Read to Progress”

Garima, a 9-year-old student in the fourth grade from Navdi village in Mahendragarh district, Haryana, has been reaching out to children residing in slums and their parents, emphasizing the importance of education. Through her initiative, she aims to raise awareness about the significance of education, believing that if she, with visual impairment, can receive an education, then why not other children? Advocating the importance of education, Garima conveys the message that learning is crucial for progress. She believes that when children read, only then can they move forward. Facing challenges in her early days of education, Garima’s encounter with difficulties prompted her to extend support to other children facing constraints due to various circumstances.

Garima’s Journey: From Determination to Prestigious Recognition

The Prime Minister’s National Children’s Award is conferred for exceptional talent and outstanding achievements. This prestigious recognition is given at the national level to children between the ages of 5 and 18 in various categories such as bravery, culture, environment, arts, science and technology, social service, and sports. This year, 19 children from across the country were chosen for these awards, among whom Garima from Haryana made her mark in the social service category. Each awardee receives a medal, a certificate, and a citation. Garima’s extraordinary efforts at such a young age have propelled her to this distinguished position.

Garima’s Perspective on Education

Garima believes that education is the fundamental right of every child. The Haryana government is implementing several schemes to ensure that no child in the state is deprived of this right. At such a young age, Garima’s initiative is not only a matter of pride for the state but for the entire nation.



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