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What Juhi Chawla did in court was not simply “Publicity Stunt”

NO. Its not just a ‘publicity stunt’, but much BIGGER than that. So what’s exactly happening in “ghughat ki aad me”?

5G may be new but Juhi Chawala’s ‘concern’ for radiation is nothing new. In the disguise of activism drama, a family business plot lies.

Juhi Chawla is anti-radiation crusader since 2013, but for whom?

Chawla is active since 2013 as an anti-radiation crusader along with her technology advisor (read partner), an IIT-B professor Girish Kumar who published many hyper articles on mobile tower ‘harmful impact’.

Not so coincidently Girish’s daughter Neha was once director operations of a wireless solution Wilcom Tech Pvt Ltd, (makes products like radiation shield & EMF testing).
Before starting her venture NESA Radiation Sol. Pvt Ltd. No need to mention the setup was more of a family business, where father sells ‘fear’ & daughter antidote.

So duo Girish/Neha business strategy is clear, but what is Juhi’s gain here?

Here we go..

Juhi’s businessman husband Jay Mehta who said to have business interest in Salora Group that has 9 other ventures in ambit. One of them is Lusaka Properties Pvt. Ltd. & Wilcom is largely funded by Lusaka Prop. Pvt. Ltd.

So, loop closed here. Its all about money-connection & if you have a Bollywood face at home, it makes things easier to place your cards.

Besides all, Ambani’s stake for 5G may be another reason for such gimmicks.

Personal Note– India is not as lenient as it was for 3G/4G launch.

5G is not just another cellular gen. but has immense potential to open up a multi-industry ecosystem ranging from healthcare, manufacturing, automation, IoT & several other apps. Stay positive about it.

“Actor-environmentalist” Chawla moved division bench challenging the dismissal of 5G harms lawsuit.

Chawla sought waiver of ₹20L penalty, refund of court fees & some amendments in judgement.

“The plaint is stuffed with unnecessary, scandalous, frivolous and vexatious averments which are liable to be struck down,” the court rebutted application.

(Investigations done through “The Hawk Eye”, research wing)



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