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Bee Attack In Giridih,even after the death the government is not taking care

Giridih. CPI-Maoist has a bloody history in Giridih. Maoism is still here. However, right now people in the villages are afraid less of Maoists, more of bees. There is a valid reason for this as well. In the last fortnight, bees have killed half a dozen people including siblings. Everybody’s poor. If Maoists kill, there is a provision of government compensation. There is a system of compensation even if an elephant kills or a snake bites it. There is no government compensation for the death of bees. The people of Tisri, Gawan and Bangabad, adjacent to the Bihar border, say that they are afraid of bees, not Maoists.

The sweeter the honey bee, the more venomous the sting. The body releases formic acid when stung. If thousands of bees attack, a large amount of formic acid enters the human body. This causes unbearable pain. IMA President Dr Vidya Bhushan says that the sting of bees contains such venom, which causes infection in the body. It affects the organs. Blood pressure decreases. The risk of death from a heart attack increases.

Bees usually do not attack. When she is frightened or someone breaks her hive, she becomes an attacker. After increasing the deforestation, their nature has become aggressive. Due to the continuous cutting of the forest, the bees are not getting a safe place. Half a dozen people who died in Gawan and Tisri of Giridih district, all had gone to the forest to cut wood or pluck leaves. According to forest officials, the bees thought that the branches of their hive would be cut on the tree. That’s why he attacked. With the attack, the bee also dies. Because its sting gets stuck in the human skin.

Such bees attacked

September 1: Vishal Kumar, son of Kauleshwar Turi, was killed by a bee bite in Harijan Tola of Singho.

September 6: During the work in the field, four people including Chandradev Yadav, a resident of Harla in Gawan were attacked by bees. The incident happened on September 4. Chandradev Yadav was referred to Dhanbad due to serious condition. He died two days later.

September 8: Gautam Bhula and Uttam Bhula, sons of Narayan Bhula, were plucking the leaves of their goats when they were attacked by bees in Nimadih Baghjant of Gawan. Fufa, aunt and sisters who went to rescue were also stung by bees. The next day both the children died.

September 13: Five women, including 75-year-old Chauyasi Devi, went to the forest to fetch firewood in Serua, village. Bees attacked. Chauyasi Devi was referred to Sadar Hospital for treatment. He died during treatment.

15 September: Nathu Mahto, the old man of Singho’s village in Tisri, went towards the buffalo grazing river. When the cattle went to the bushes, Nathu also moved towards that. Suddenly the bees attacked. He lost his life.

There is a provision of compensation of Rs 4 lakh in case of death due to elephant crush, snake bite, lightning, dobha or drowning in the river. Post-mortem is mandatory for compensation. There is no provision for compensation for bee bites. The people of the forest department will definitely investigate if the bees are so aggressive.

(EW correspondent)



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