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Auto driver tried to kidnap girl, she got seriously injured after jumping from the moving auto

Ranchi , An attempt has been made to commit an audacious incident in the capital Ranchi. An attempt was made to kidnap a girl in broad daylight from an auto near the Ring Road Lalgutwa overbridge of Nagri police station area. The girl saved her life by jumping from the moving auto. However, due to jumping from the auto, she fell on the road and was seriously injured. The girl, a resident of Jagannathpur Ranchi, sat in an auto to go to Jagannathpur at 10.30 am from the stand located at Lalgutwa pond. The driver of the auto started taking the ring road towards Namkum instead of taking it towards Jagannathpur.

When the girl tried to stop the auto, the driver started shooing away the auto. The frightened girl started shouting loudly save-save. Even after this, when the driver did not stop the auto, she jumped. She fainted due to injury due to falling on the road. After the girl jumped, the driver took the auto and fled towards Namkum. Local people informed the police about the incident, after which the patrol team of Nagri police station reached the spot and admitted the girl to Rinchi Hospital located at Kathal More. Here the police is looking for clues about the auto. 

Driver started molesting after stopping the auto

After regaining consciousness in the hospital, the girl told that she was sitting in the auto that the driver took her alone instead of taking another ride. When he tried to stop the auto after taking it on the wrong track, he started molesting her and started speeding the auto. Terrified, she jumped out of the moving auto. Due to this, he has suffered injuries on her hands, feet and other places. 

(EW correspondent)



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